Tuesday, December 22, 2015

"Routh won't run again for Guilford school board"; Mo Green, Nancy Routh and Amos Quick jumping the Say Yes Guilford and Say Yes to Education ship

From the comments;

Now that Board members and Mo Green are walking away from Guilford County Schools, does the News and Record have any intention of investigating Say Yes to Education and Say Yes Guilford?

These Board members are aware the monies pledged to Say Yes Guilford are to be donated over a series of years, negating growth to cover scholarships in future years which needs to grow dramatically after the demand will double after the first year and again in the fourth.

It very appears the News and Record and Guilford County Schools have sold Guilford County's residents with eligible students a legal Ponzi scheme without disclosing the likely medium term unsustainabiltiy of the program.

It will probably take an outside news outlet to call out the News and Record's culpability in treating our community like a bunch of easily convinced chumps, again.

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