Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Dow Chemical to cut about 130 [Greensboro] N.C. jobs as part of restructuring"

"Michigan-based Dow Chemical Co. said Tuesday that it will cut about 2,500 jobs and close its manufacturing facilities in Greensboro and Japan to achieve $400 million in savings from taking full control of Dow Corning Corp.

Expect little to any tax revenue impact analysis 
out of the News and Record or the Triad Business Journal, 
just like after the Lorillard layoff announcement
and the Miller Brewing announcement

The Greensboro site employs about 130 people, a spokesman told the Observer. Over the next two years, Dow Corning will move production from the Greensboro plant to other Dow Corning sites in North America."

Thursday, March 3, 2016; Mass layoffs coming to former Greensboro Lorillard plant


Saturday, March 19, 2016; "20 positions cut at former Lorillard plant"; It's just the beginning


Thursday, June 23, 2016; "When Carolina Bank becomes First Bank in about six months, the city will lose its only remaining locally-based bank"


Monday, February 22, 2016; 7/15/14 Lorillard Flashback; Reynolds Lorillard; Greensboro loses another corporate headquarters, and most likely a bunch of jobs


Wednesday, May 11, 2016; There hasn't been so much clothing for sale since before 1992


Thursday, April 21, 2016; "ITG [Lorillard] to cut 500 jobs", afternoon even lower earnings 'expectation' highlights most won't be aware of even if they read them, and math


Monday, June 6, 2016; How is it that the News and Record's Susan Ladd is all about nature, but hasn't written much, if anything, about hundreds of high paying Greensboro job losses?


Thursday, June 2, 2016; We are being lied to; According to the NC Commerce Department, there were 5,845 layoffs announced through all of 2015, but 7,453 through May, 2016


Thursday, June 2, 2016; Once again Triangle Business Journal Staff Writer Lauren K. Ohnesorge misleads readers and the public on North Carolina layoff statistics


Thursday, May 5, 2016; Business Journal's lipstick on a pig; "Mass layoffs in North Carolina slow down in April"; 7,041 masked April layoffs


Monday, February 15, 2016; Dear Jim Melvin and Greensboro's City Council; "Freightliner to lay off 1,250 employees in Mt. Holly [and] Cleveland", North Carolina


Saturday, February 6, 2016; Expect Layoffs; "Ralph Lauren to review ops after weak sales", Linked In and links


Thursday, February 4, 2016; "The highest retail total since January 2009"; Let's build a $78 million PAC, drop $2.5 mill at the airport and the same for a basketball court


Monday, September 14, 2015; Rockingham County takes it on the chin; "MillerCoors to close Eden plant"; Expect economic reverberations in Greensboro's Guilford County


Saturday, January 24, 2015; BB&T Lays Off 1,440 Workers