Sunday, July 24, 2016

A list of familiar names who are going to vote for a cheating politician, and a criminal violator of our national security, Hillary Clinton

Don Vaughan Delegate Hillary Clinton

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan endorsed Clinton

Janet Cowell, Natl. Assn. of Dem. State Treasurers

Janet Cowell stole from North Carolina employees for her Wall Street donors,
which continues in the present going into the future, 
and Dan Blue will continue the practice

Alma Adams, Congressperson

Cecil Brockman Delegate Hillary Clinton

Pricey Harrison Delegate Hillary Clinton

Elaine Marshall Delegate Hillary Clinton

Christopher Sgro Delegate Hillary Clinton
Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan endorses [unindicted criminal and confirmed liar] Hillary Clinton

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan endorsed this; "Hillary Clinton exchanged nearly two-dozen top secret emails from her private server with three senior aides"

"Hillary has made an uncharacteristically dangerous political choice in Kaine"

Rising parasitic drug prices are masking the economic slowdown

A balanced opinion piece ripping both Clinton and Trump

Fec on Trump and the GOP

"Loretta Lynch Refuses to Say Whether It’s Illegal to Lie Under Oath" by Alex Griswold | 2:54 pm, July 12th, 2016

Now Nancy and Don, after profiting from Greensboro's taxpayers for years
are all in on supporting another crony

Hillary Clinton illegally destroyed public records, which means she committed a crime

For Don and Nancy, it's okay 

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are all in on supporting rigged financial markets

Nancy successfully fucked thousands of Greensboro's employees
by not lowering costs in their retirement plans, with help from Tony Wilkins etc... 

"Propaganda, indoctrination, a captive press, and widespread obliviousness and passivity will only take the incompetent and corrupt governing class so far."

Remember the day when Bernie Sanders sold out to Wall Street and a felon

"Hillary Clinton lied under oath during a committee hearing"; What happens if you lie to Congress"

A comment at Susan Ladd's Hillary Clinton / Barack Obama rally which will probably be deleted

Hillary Clinton should not be President of the United States of America. She should be arrested.

The Full List of Companies & Organizations That Bought Hillary Clinton From 2013-2015

More on Clinton emails

"Hillary Clinton [should] be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges"

"Bottom line: Mrs. Clinton violated the Federal Records Act."

JPM CEO Jamie Dimon Securities Fraud and Insider Trading condoned by Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton condoned Bank of America's Brian Moynihan Insider Trading and Securities Fraud

#HillaryClinton + Criminal Acts + Obama and Warren Endorsements = #BananaRepublic