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Richard (Skip) Moore's misleading statements; "8 Things to Know About "Say Yes To Education"

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Eric Ginsburg
Triad City Beat associate editor,
forever ago, along with the News and Record

..."Say Yes to Education"..., a program that would pay the college tuition for all Guilford County School graduates and possibly charter schools down the road. Free money? Sounds almost too good to be true. So, WFMY News 2 took your questions to a local planning committee member, Richard (Skip) Moore, and got answers.

1) What is "Say Yes to Education"?

"Say Yes" is a non-profit based in New York. It all began when a businessman promised 112 students in Philadelphia that he would pay for their college tuition if they graduated from high school. Then the program expanded and it first started in Syracuse followed by Buffalo. Guilford County is the number one candidate for the third location.

Not true, meaning Richard (Skip) Moore misled Guilford County

Why did the Philadelphia Chapter close in 2000?

Why did the Cambridge, MA Chapter close in 2008?

What happened to the New York, NY Chapter which opened in 2004?

2) How would it work in Guilford County?

The community must raise the money to pay for the students' college tuition. Guilford County's ultimate goal is $70 million and the fundraising will have to go on forever to keep the program alive.

"A lot of the money that we're getting will be endowed," Moore said. "It will be invested and we'll only take out four or five percent a year. And that's what we'll spend and the rest of it will stay invested so, what we want to do is build up a reserve.

from: Carr, Nora> to: Geo
date: Wed, Oct 21, 2015 at 7:10 PM
subject: RE: FW: Say Yes to Education information request for Guilford County Schools 

I believe the Weaver Foundation provided funding for the delegation to Buffalo. Guilford Education Alliance coordinated the trip.

Guilford Education Alliance, the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, and the High Point Community Foundation have been involved in developing the partnership and assisting with planning, project coordination and fundraising for this effort.

GCS is part of the partnership but this is not a GCS-only initiative.

There are a number of private individuals and foundations that have contributed to the scholarship endowment fund.

The list of donors has been included is provided below:

Phillips Foundation: $5 million

The Edward M. Armfield, Sr. Foundation: Up to $5 million

Earl and Kitty Congdon family, High Point: $2 million

Anonymous family in High Point: $2 million

VF Corporation: $2 million

United Guaranty Corporation: $1 million

Weaver Foundation: $1.25 million

David R. Hayworth, High Point: $1 million

Rob and Susan Culp family, High Point: $1 million

Anonymous individual in High Point: $1 million

Anonymous couple in area: $1 million

Cone Health Foundation: $1 million

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro: $1 million

Lincoln Financial Foundation: $500,000

Nora K. Carr
Chief of Staff
Guilford County Schools.

3) Will that money really be enough?

The money only pays tuition other scholarships and grants won't cover...

4) Besides covering tuition, what are the other benefits of "Say Yes?"

The program will keep track of student's absences, missed homework assignments and other signs a child is falling behind. Based on what the child is struggling with, they'll get help from services like mental health clinics, tutoring, and after school programs. The "Say Yes" initiative calls those wraparound services.

"So it's just trying to find a kid where he or she is along their academic career and being sure that if there's a red flag, we remove that red flag," Moore said.

5) Who does the program benefit?

...only Guilford County Schools students who attend sixth grade through graduation will get their full tuition covered. The amount you get goes down the later the student enters the district...

"We didn't think it was right that you could just transfer into the Guilford County Schools spring semester of your senior year and your eligible for a full scholarship," Moore said. "That's not the point of the program. It's not a scholarship program, it's a whole preparing and passing through and being ready for post-secondary education."

6) What does it cost me?

All of the fundraising will be private money, unless a public group decides to make a donation. The "Say Yes" program is also working with different agencies to rearrange current resources to support the wraparound services without spending more money. The "Say Yes" foundation based in New York will pay to hire staff to run offices in High Point and Greensboro..."
"from: Richard Moore
to: hartz
cc: Abbey Johnson <>
date: Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 3:00 PM
subject: Questions about Say Yes

Mr. Hartzman:

your questions were forwarded to me. I can give you some information.

Where will the money be invested, and at what cost?

———— funds will be invested and managed by the two community foundations. Fees will be normal and customary,

The Weaver Foundation's Richard Moore, 
and the High Point and Greensboro's Community Foundation
have yet to disclose what the assets will be charged, 
and in what the money is to be invested, 
and in what the monies are currently invested in now

What will the salaries be of Say Yes Guilford employees?

———— there are twi components to the organization — a 501c3 that will do the fundraising and management. This is a volunteer program thus far except for one administrative assistant. The Say Yes guilford staff is hired by the Say Yes Foundation of New York. I am not sure that their salaries are released but you will have to ask them about that.

What percentage of the total amount will be directly given to students each year?

———— there will be a normal endowment distribution.

Still unknown unknown, 
not cleared up by Skip Moore, an advocate

What are your expected yearly fundraising costs?

———— undetermined

What will the money be invested in?

———— will be managed professionally

Is Say Yes Guilford to be considered a fiduciary?

———— you will have to ask the Say Yes national folks about this. The local organization will be a 501c3

Will the investment manager be considered a fiduciary?

——— investment managers will be professionals who are in this business.
Richard (Skip) Moore"

Mr. Moore has betrayed our community
by not providing transparency over millions for Guilford County's families

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