Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Susan Ladd: "Let's start Giving Local" to fund Greensboro mayor Nancy Vaughan's salary

"Your gifts matter no matter where you send them but can have a bigger impact when invested in your own community.  Here are some good candidates:

...The Guilford Green Foundation works to enhance understanding of the LGBTQ community and provides funding to other local organizations engaged in this work, including some of those listed above. Some of its grants last year funded [Nancy Vaughan's salary at The Guilford Green Foundation]..."
Did Guilford Green Foundation hire Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan to be a lobbyist?

"Nancy Vaughan Named Guilford Green Foundation Executive Director

"LGBT activists oppose Guilford Green Foundation's hiring of mayor

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan needs to recuse herself on City LGBT protections immediately

Joan Monaghan Williams‎ to Nancy Barakat Vaughan; March 25 on the Transgender issues

Greta Anita Lint; Aren't you on the payroll for some LGBT organization?
March 24 at 11:11am

Nancy Barakat Vaughan; Yes, I am. The Guilford Green Foundation.

"Greensboro City Council to consider resolution against HB2" and Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan's conflict of interest and links

Mayor Vaughan And Councilman Barber Support Slumlords

One Dollar; "Resolution Requesting Approval of Lease Agreement with Say Yes to Education"; Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Grasshopper Sez

Matheny. Lomax, Hammer, Barber and Vaughan; Greensboro is Corrupt; An Adaptation as our press has been compromised