Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"Greensboro City Council to consider resolution against HB2" and Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan's conflict of interest and links

"At its regular meeting, the council will consider a resolution opposing House Bill 2. While such a resolution has no legal weight, a number of cities across the state are considering similar resolutions to express their opposition and draw greater attention to problems with the law."

My sympathies to those wronged,
but the issue raised concerns a conflict of interest of an elected official
who is supposed to represent all the haters and the lovers equally
and it appears as though there is a problem

"The new law will ...roll back the ability of the city to hold its contractors to the same standards.

The city’s Human Relations Commission will no longer have the authority to handle local non-discrimination claims filed for any reason, including race, age and religion.
The law also removes the ability to sue in state court for any form of employment discrimination, forcing those with claims to go through the more expensive and complicated federal court process."

Mayor and Council:

...What must be considered is if a conflict of interest exists 
either under N.C.G.S. §§160A-75 or 14-234, 
or the City of Greensboro’s Charter, or the City’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

...Direct or indirect benefits are considered under the City’s conflict of interest policy 
and typically involve financial interests for the Councilmember, 
his or her immediate family, their partner, 
or an organization which employs or is about to employ the member, family member or partner...


S. Mujeeb Shah-Khan

"Mayor Nancy Vaughan, who is also executive director of LGBT advocacy group Guilford Green Foundation, was a key speaker at the rally."


If the state invalidated the ordinances,
how can Nancy Vaughan advocate for the reversal
if she is also serving as a paid lobbyist for an LBGT group?.

NC § 138A-36; ...no public servant...authorized to perform an official action requiring the exercise of discretion,
shall participate in an official action by the employing entity if the public servant
...may incur a reasonably foreseeable financial benefit
...which financial benefit would impair the public servant's independence of judgment
or from which it could reasonably be inferred
that the financial benefit would influence the public servant's participation in the official action.

...(c)        A public servant shall take appropriate steps
...to remove himself or herself to the extent necessary,
to protect the public interest and comply with this Chapter,
from any proceeding in which the public servant's impartiality might reasonably be questioned
due to the public servant's familial, personal, or financial relationship with a participant in the proceeding.

A participant includes (i) an ...employee, agent, officer, or director of a business,
organization, or group involved in the proceeding,
or (ii) an organization or group that has petitioned for rule making
or has some specific, unique, and substantial interest in the proceeding.

How can Nancy Vaughan respond as Greensboro's mayor
if she also is being paid to represent Greensboro's LBGTQ community?

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