Friday, October 30, 2015

Devin King after a hard fought effort to have a letter to the editor submitted to the News and Record; "Candidate opposes ‘parasitic interests’"

"I wanted to make a difference by running for mayor. It happened on Oct. 13, in an email from Greensboro’s Donnie Turlington informing George Hartzman and myself that “the City’s Deferred Compensation Committee has replaced two funds being dropped by (city retirement plan provider) ICMA-RC with two low-expense index funds offered by Vanguard.”

The cost of a “small cap” fund choice for city employees fell from 1.24 percent per year to 0.10 percent per year. If there’s $10 million invested for participants in the fund through the plan, they will save about $114,000 per year.

...I didn’t know a lot about Greensboro’s politics before embarking on a mayoral run. What I found was some crooked elected officials supported by a cabal of parasitic interests who enjoy lining their pockets with tax money taken from mostly lower-income citizens, backed by a compliant governmental administration and a local news industry seeking to minimize unconnected opposition.

Devin King
The writer is a candidate for mayor in Tuesday’s election.
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