Sunday, October 18, 2015

Zack Matheny Linkfest, Part One; Robbie Perkins, Rhino Times, Sam Simpson, Nancy Vaughan, Jim Melvin, David Powell etc...

Don't expect the News and Record, 
Triad City Beat, Rhino Times or Yes Weekly
to report any of this, 
or anything damaging to Zack and friends.

Most of the following information 
was never reported by our local press
in the first place,
which makes them partially responsible.

Compare Sam Simpson and Zack Matheny's current exploits to; 12/31/13; "Robbie Perkin's 9,000 acres, Project Haystack, "Incentives" and the Rhino Times"

Greensboro City Manager colluding with Sam Simpson and Bonnie Renfro on Nancy Vaughan's Megasite talking points

DGI, Jim Westmoreland, Nancy Vaughan, Zack Matheny, Tuggle Duggans, Roy Carroll and the Triad Good Government PAC

From; Zack Matheny To; Jason Cannon On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 8:43 AM

Zack Matheny violates the City Charter and his oath of office etc..., again, by discussing "Economic Development" in Greensboro's budget, while a candidate for DGI's top job

Triad Business Journal; "A month later, Greensboro police are nowhere on Powell investigation"

Randolph County Megasite Con Update

Goodbye Mike Barber and Zack Matheny; "Greensboro group pressured to hire new CEO"

Piedmont's Triad Partnership's Triad First Capital has disappeared; Jim Melvin, Sam Simpson, David Powell etc...

John Hammer; "Mayor Nancy Vaughan had said that Melvin didn’t have any personal investment in the area that it was all Bryan Foundation money."