Monday, May 23, 2016

This appears to look like what's going to happen to Say Yes Guilford, Say Yes to Education and the City of Greensboro employee's pension fund

"Rejected: Central States Fund Proposes 60% Pension Cuts, Treasury Dept Says “Not Enough”; 407,000 Affected

407,000 private sector workers are about to lose most of their pensions.

...The Central States Pension Fund, which handles the retirement benefits for current and former Teamster union truck drivers across various states applied for [mandatory benefit payment] reductions...

Just like Say Yes scholarship promises

Currently the plan pays out $3.46 in pension benefits for every $1 it receives from employers. That’s a drain of $2 billion annually.

If 3,500 students qualify the first year, how much is going to go to each student?

If 3,500 students qualify, how much is going to go to each student?

Say Yes and Guilford County Schools won't say.

How much money does Say Yes Guilford have on hand to fund the scholarships?

Say Yes' Donnie Turlington, 
a former City of Greensboro Communications and Marketing Director 
who is now Say Yes Guilford's Director of Communications
won't say.

The plan filed for 60% cuts in pensions. The Treasury Department has the final say. The verdict came in today: “cuts not deep enough”.

...The Central States Pension Fund has no new plan to avoid insolvency...

If 3,500 kids get $1,000 each, it will cost $3,500,000.

As the number should about double in year two, 
how much has Say Yes set aside?

Say Yes and Guilford County Commissioners won't say.

Without government funding, the fund will run out of money in 10 years, he said.

...An Illinois state worker was whining earlier today about ...Chicago Pension Liabilities Jump 168%, Understated by $11.5 Billion.

As the number should about double again over the next two years, 
how is Say Yes going to pay for it?

Say Yes' Mary Vigue, a former City of Greensboro Assistant Manager won't say.

Times four is $14 million per year.

...“Corrupt politicians got in bed with corrupt union leaders making promises both knew could not be met.”

...Taxpayers owe the Chicago pension fund absolutely nothing. Bankruptcy is the solution."

If they don't even have the $35 million 
they say they have 'pledged' in hand, 
how can they pay out more than what would make the funds unsustainable?

Say Yes and the City of Greensboro won't say

Why wouldn't they want to say?

Why wouldn't the News and Record investigate?

They know what the questions are, and have declined to ask
Dear Donnie Turlington and Mary Vigue; Please explain why Say Yes to Education's money is in Central America

"Guilford commissioners hear update on Say Yes"

Say Yes Guilford Questions for Guilford County Commissioner and School Board Candidates

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I crashed the Say Yes to Education and Say Yes Guilford meeting at Smith High School and passed out fliers asking the following questions;

Say Yes to Education and Say Yes Guilford are saying they are going to cover the last dollar costs between financial aid and total tuition

On October 3, 2015, Guilford County's Board of Education was shown a "Full Tuition Scholarship Incentive" plan, for every GCS graduate who goes to college

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Say Yes to Education, Inc. (Say Yes), and Say Yes Guilford appears to be a legal Ponzi scheme and/or a Racket

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