Sunday, October 1, 2017

How the News and Record rigs elections for the status quo; "Candidates for Greensboro mayor offer different visions for city"

"Three people want to hold the city's highest elected office: mayor.

They are Mayor Nancy Vaughan, who is running for her third term; local businessman John Brown; and the Rev. Diane Moffett (no relation to this reporter).

...Here's a look at the three candidates and their priorities:

Vaughan, who was first elected mayor in 2013, has said this will be her last term if she wins...

Nancy is not a term limit advocate, 
but it's a nice pitch to libertarians and the middle
for the benefit of the incumbent

Notice how term limits only come up around election time, 
and then disappear after?  

Vaughan previously served four terms as a council member, two as the District 4 representative and two as an at-large member...

That's enough,
as Nancy represents Greensboro's establishment 
and Greensboro's establishment represents Nancy Vaughan

She said she wants one more term as mayor to watch several projects she championed come to fruition, including the 2016 bond package, the Tanger Center for the Performing Arts and downtown development.

No mention of how fucked up the Tanger Center initiative is

No mention of how Nancy let a US Senator's brother in law David Hagan
make hundreds of thousands n the land acquisition instead of City taxpayers paying nothing,
as Greensboro has its own realtors on salary 

"We have a lot of projects that are mid-way, and they are all transformative projects," she said. "I think Greensboro is in a really good place."
David Hagan's return on his $1,000 Robbie Perkins' Contribution; 58,600%, or $586,000

On US Senator Kay Hagan's Brother in Law David Hagan, Making a Nice Slice off Greensboro's Taxpayers while Sitting on CFGG's Board

The City of Greensboro's GPAC operating loss pro forma that doesn't include debt service

Greensboro's City Council violates oath of office, based on a willful, premeditated fraud on the City's taxpayers

Yvonne Johnson's take from the Hagan family, whose David Hagen got $586,000 in unnecessary real estate fees for the PAC unnecessary property sales

City Council and the News and Record 
are saying the increased debt to be borrowed by City taxpayers
is going to be paid for with 316 VIP parking spaces, 
across the street from hundreds of low cost/free parking.

"The [STPAC] project, currently budgeted at $78.1 million"
[Vaughan] points to another ongoing project that could change the Triad significantly: the Greensboro-Randolph Megasite.

Local business leaders hope the 1,500-acre site in the northeastern corner of Randolph County will attract a car maker or other advanced manufacturer. The city of Greensboro plans to run about 17 miles of water lines and an 8-mile sewer line to the site.

Vaughan said the megasite is an example of increased regional cooperation, which she said she has worked hard to cultivate.

Nancy has worked hard 
to line the pockets of her campaign contributors and fellow cronies

Nancy Vaughan's 2017 Mid Year Contribution Report; Jim Melvin, Lee Comer, Paul Mengert, Henry Isaacson,and Kathy Manning

David Powell on the Randolph County Megasite, his future business interests in the area, Triad First Capital, Sam Simpson and Jim Melvin

Greensboro taxpayers have been lied to, again, on who was supposed to pay for the Megasite water and sewer costs

"The city of Greensboro is planning to pay for the extension of water and sewer services to the site."

"Greensboro is focusing on wrong megasite"

Guess who gets to profit from Greensboro's taxpayers paying for Water and Sewer to Randolph County?
..."We have the best relationship regionally we've ever had," she said. "If it's good for Greensboro, it's good for High Point. We don't have walls around our city."

She also noted that local companies are choosing to expand here, including HAECO, Lincoln Financial, HondaJet, AIG (formerly United Guaranty) and Simply Southern.

Vaughan said she sees room for improvement in the city, including increasing wages, improving relationships between the community and the police and bringing jobs to East Greensboro.

Not one criticism of Greensboro's mayor 
by the News and Record, before bashing her opponents

...Vaughan said she wants four more years as mayor to work on those issues and keep the city moving in a positive direction.

Brown: Greensboro 'a city in decline'

Brown sees things differently.

...Brown believes Greensboro is suffering due to high crime, high taxes and lack of quality jobs — something he attributes to Vaughan's policies.

He said each successive year since 2015 has brought increases in murders, rapes and assaults.

He said Greensboro's job growth "can't keep pace with Raleigh, Charlotte or even Durham."

And he said the city's population growth can't even keep up with the death rate.

...He attributes these problems to Vaughan's policies — wrongly, at least in the case of the increase in violent crimes.

How so Margaret?

...He also incorrectly stated on his website that the city had bought the News & Record's downtown property, which is for sale and which Vaughan said the city should consider buying. He has since corrected the error.

Not one corrected error mention by Margaret by mayor Vaughan

Not one mention of how much the Vaughan's made from White Street Landfill methane

Brown's campaign also focuses on economic development, particularly workforce development. He wants to offer skilled training to workers, believing that wages will increase "by creating a workforce that meets and exceeds the business climate demands," he wrote in the candidate questionnaire.

...He said in the questionnaire that Greensboro's high property tax rate and the lack of job opportunities are hampering the city's success.

Our community's decline is an exhibit of capitalism in decay, 
as any company looking to do business here, who has done any research, 
will find it inhospitable unless offerings are presented to the local Oligarchs
and the political campaign funds of their captured governmental cronies.

Moffett: Greensboro has 'so much potential'

Like Brown, Moffett is running for her first elected office. The Oakland, California, native is senior pastor of St. James Presbyterian Church — the first woman to lead the 150-year-old congregation.
Moffett and her husband moved from Jamestown to an apartment near downtown Greensboro around the time she filed for mayor. The couple still own their Jamestown home, but Moffett said her roots are firmly in Greensboro, where she has worked since 2005.

The City's mayor and key council members are assigned talking points
from entities who aim to extract economic rents from taxpayers 
via City management

She said her focus will be on empowering citizens, building bridges between communities, lifting up a vision for the city and inspiring its people.

"Greensboro is a beautiful city with so much potential," she said. "People need to see a vision and they need to envision themselves in that vision.

"This is what leadership is. Leadership understands the importance of a collective vision."

No mention of ITG's years of free methane from the White Street Landfill,
hoisted on taxpayers by former council member Don Vaughan, 
who then profited from the deal with the governmental/regulatory defense of Nancy
as our now mayor was a city council member on the Solid Waste Task-force,
who protected her and her husband's $10,000 per month pay off
for 'legally' stealing from Greensboro's taxpayers

Moffett said she's concerned about poverty and hunger in the city. But she said she would focus on ways people can reclaim their lives themselves.

There is dignity in work, so citizens need jobs that pay a livable wage, she said on her campaign website.

Most of those who aren't incumbents, City Board or Committee members
entering the City of Greensboro's Council races this year
most likely have relatively little no idea how rigged our local political system is

"They don't need to be fixed," she said. "They need to be empowered."

...In her candidate questionnaire, she said doing that would move the council from "talking about economic development to actually providing action items to raise the bar on expectations to new companies coming to the area."

If a candidate doesn't have the backing of the Kotis, Carroll, 
Kaplan (Manning and the Greensboro Foundation) the Koury's 
or the Melvin political clans, 
the chances of beating a candidate with campaign cash and sponsorship 
is probably pretty minimal

Increasing jobs also means creating a new economic focus for the city, given the loss of identity that followed the loss of jobs in the two industries for which Greensboro was once known.

Remember how each incumbent got a nice news article in the News and Record
upon the 'announcements' to run for re-election?

She said she would create a common vision — whether that's thinking of Greensboro as an arts city or a car manufacturing hub or a center for high-tech medicine.

Who is most likely to profit from the new taxpayer funded parking decks downtown?

Who got them the parking decks?

Who got 'Gate City Blvd' so nice around the Koury property and the Coliseum?

Who stands to profit the most from increased business at the Coliseum
and swimmer aquarium?

If you think our leading papers are going to run stories 
of how these fine folks purchase our elected leaders, who will be mistaken

"I just believe the city has so much to offer," she said. "We need to redefine ourselves. We used to be tobacco and textiles.

"Who are we (now)?"

What happens when the people actually try to vote against the establishment?
Democracy has given way to kleptocracy in 'Greensboro', 
and representative government has been rejected
in favor of rule by career politicians like Nancy Vaughan etc..., 
corporations, thieves and those with little regard for the rights of citizens

The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe 
if the people tolerate the growth of private power 
to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself 

That, in essence, is fascism ownership of government 
by an individual by a group or by any other controlling power 

Franklin Delano Roosevelt