Monday, August 21, 2017

Nancy Vaughan's 2017 Mid Year Contribution Report; Jim Melvin, Lee Comer, Paul Mengert, Henry Isaacson,and Kathy Manning

Paul Mengert, who supposedly invested/promoted/had something to do with Don Vaughan in a Puerto Rican brothel/strip club, both of whom appear to have made multiples of yearly trips in Paul's airplane to the island, and has given to Nancy Vaughan over the years;

Hollywood Gold Night Club, San José, Costa Rica

I only knew about a club in Costa Rica called Hollywood Gold but in this startling e-mail as has been made public by Fec at Carolina Under Siege we now learn there may be a second brothel called The Blue Marlin with ties to some of Greensboro's wealthiest and most politically connected individuals.

More Questions Concerning Our Mayor's Business Partner

Paul Mengurt, Association Management Group And His Tricks

Vaughan And Mengurt Over Extended
Lee Comer, who cashed in on some taxpayer money

Sounds like the Lee Comer money and street are a joint Dawn Cheney / Nancy Hoffmann project; Linkfest

"Lee Comer, proprietor of the very popular Iron Hen Cafe on Cridland Road, wants to transform the intersection of Spring Garden and South Edgeworth streets by purchasing a 29,000 square foot warehouse and putting in a multiplex restaurant facility.

City Council March 3, 2015 Item 27, Resolution Authorizing an Urban Development Investment Forgivable Loan not to Exceed the Amount of $100,000.00 and a Loan of $275,000 to Comer-Khori, LLC

Sarah Palin slams Greensboro for 'crony capitalism' deals
Jim Melvin, who was the mayor who didn't let Greensboro's police intervene in Greensboro's 1979 Clan/Black Power shootout, who has his name on buildings and a statue dedicated to him while alive and a covered up racist

"Mayor Nancy Vaughan had said that Melvin didn’t have any personal investment in the area that it was all Bryan Foundation money."

"Melvin said [Megasite] funding, for now, is coming by way of the Bryan Foundation and private monies."

Piedmont's Triad Partnership's Triad First Capital has disappeared; Jim Melvin, Sam Simpson, David Powell etc...

WTF Jim Melvin, Jon Bell, Mark Brazil, Kevin Carter, Pat Danahey, Don Flow, Kelly King, Nido Qubein, Tim Rice, Kelly Stanhope and Robert Long?

Congratulations David Powell and Jim Melvin; "City approves $2.3M contract for megasite work"

Ever wonder how crooked the Bryan Foundation's Jim Melvin is?

RIP David Powell; Jim Melvin should provide some answers, but no one in our for-profit press will ask

On "Ex-Triad economic developer David Powell [buddies with Jim Melvin etc...] charged with four felonies" and links to the linked

"Key downtown property owners [who have received a great deal of Greensboro taxpayer money] back DGI for contract" [for their lobbyist, Zack Matheny]

The News and Record's Richard Barron on $2.3 million Greensboro taxpayer dollars for Jim Melvin, Sam Simpson, David Powell, Roy Carroll and friend

Who would be stupid enough to spend $22.5 million to get water and sewer to a Megasite, about 10 miles away from another that already has it?
Henry Isaacson, who made a lot of money for his patrons who sucked up taxpayer funded hand outs voted for by Nancy Vaughan;

Robbie, RUCO, Hammer, Jim Kee, Henry, TREBIC, Roy Carroll and Propaganda

Noise, Robbie Perkins, Roy Carroll, Henry Isaacson, TREBIC and RUCO

Eventually, Greensboro's News and Record, who has routinely misinformed and/or misled and/or lied by omission to the public of pay to play by Roy Carroll, Zack Matheny, Mike Barber, Tony Wilkins, Nancy Vaughan, Jamal Fox, Nancy Hoffmann, Yvonne Johnson, the Koury Clan, Jim Melvin, Marty Kotis, Sam Simpson, Mary Vigue, John Lomax, Henry Isaacson, Jim Phillips, George Carr, Dawn Chaney etc... etc... etc...    is going to have to write something about all the corruption at the state level which they will claim to abhor, while completely claiming innocence at the local level.

Never happened

There is no way Greensboro could be as crooked as it is without the help of a compromised press.
Kathy Manning, who is currently ripping off Greensboro taxpayers with cost overuns on the performing arts center, who also cashed in for her hubby Randall Kaplan with a $30 million taxpayer funded parking deck with their soon to be taxpayer subsidized new hotel which Nancy and the rest voted to fund, confirming their fascist sides of letting their supporters make money at the expense of the unconnected

Why would Greensboro Performing Arts Center Parasite Kathy Manning give Nancy Hoffmann $1,000?

Nancy Hoffmann's Mid Year Campaign Finance Report; How much taxpayer money has she voted for...

"Contribution" and "Greensboro"

Friday Night Greensboro News Dump of 'private/public' Incompetence; "Tanger Center needs new contractor for 'Phase 1'"

"Tanger Center will have premier sound system", and Greensboro's taxpayers are paying for it

Remember when the News and Record's Margaret Moffett threw Kathy Manning under a bus on Greensboro's Performing Arts Center?

Average Wages for Greensboro, building a bigger Performing Arts Center than DPAC

Remember when Greensboro's City Council and its Community Foundation lied about how the STPAC debt would be paid for?
Vaughan hired Harris Partners...;

Robbie spent $90,457, or $50,679 after paying Harris Partners...?

From Ross Harris' new gig, sponsored by Art Pope and Jim Melvin, major Phil Bergers contributor/supporters

Ross Harris purposefully, intentionally and knowingly misled George Hartzman
on Robbie Perkins during 2011's Greensboro mayoral race.

Ross Harris helped Robbie Perkins play a race card
to win Greensboro's 2011 mayoral election,
and then made more taxpayer funded income from the GPAC initiative
and then lied about Robbie Perkins' marital infidelity before the election.

Ross Harris betrayed the trust of Greensboro's voters
while the Greensboro News & Record knew of Perkins' issues
and failed to inform the public before the election.

Elderly religious residents who would have opposed Robbie Perkins
gave him money for his campaign
while our local press hid a truth that would have mattered to them
if they had known.

Ross Harris; From "Greensboro Performing Arts Center Task Force Economic Impact/Feasibility Committee Minutes – February 29, 2012"
Nancy Vaughan (D) Pre Election Campaign Finance Report; (R) Marty Kotis - $1,000 and Roy Carroll

Both Roy and Marty got a free street and millions in taxpayer paid for benefits via Nancy Vaughan and the rest of City Council over the last two years, and they want to keep it going.

Marty Kotis, Eric Robert, Joe Bryan, George Carr, Betty Cone, the Koury Clan, Allen Duncan, Windsor Investments, Ross Harris, Cyndy Hayworth, Isaacson, Milton Kern, Jim Melvin, Donna Newton, Jim Phillips, Susan Schwartz, Sam Simpson, Arthur Winstead,
How much have the Vaughan's recieved from Cone Mills/Wilbur Ross for free methane from the City of Greensboro?

News and Record Council candidate question; "What’s your plan for a long-term trash disposal solution?" with Nancy and Don Vaughan

Nancy Vaughan, the Waste Management and Recycling Task Force council liaison whose husband Don represents Cone Mills in a free White Street methane contract which has lost Greensboro millions, should step down from the task force.

...Some of the Vaughan's income is directly associated with lost revenue incurred by city taxpayers via the regulatory capture of our local government by Don and Nancy.

If Nancy is elected as mayor, I will consider it a continuation of an entrenched incumbent who has solidified an ongoing theft from Greensboro's citizens, which has cost taxpayers millions of dollars.

...That nothing has occurred via Nancy and Don Vaughan's interference is a fiduciary violation of Greensboro's taxpayers.

David Hoggard on Cone Mills/ITG Methane Gas Deal; December 6, 2004, with some Triad Watch from 2011