Monday, August 14, 2017

Nancy Hoffmann's Mid Year Campaign Finance Report; How much taxpayer money has she voted for...

John Lomax; $1,000

Kathy 'STPAC' Manning $1,000; Kathy's hubby Randall Kaplan just got a $30 million parking deck for his new hotel down the street from the performing arts center, thanks to the Nancys and friends

Jim Melvin

Skip Moore, who totally fucked up the Say Yes to Education program,
and misled Guilford County's youth and their parents with bullshit made up numbers
of how many kids could get college paid for

Donna Newton, who represents Greensboro's Community Foundation who, see Skip Moore,
but the Foundation was/is skimming off the top of scholarship monies with way high fees,
lining Walker Sanders' pockets along with the STPAC monies

Brooks Pierce's Reid Phillips; $1,000; Making sure he keeps the City's legal business, and motivating Nancy to keep Justin advocating for Brooks' clients without conflict of issue issues

Nick Piornack; $250; Who got Hoffmann's vote for millions for the Revolution Mills project from taxpayers after Piornack defaulted on a loan for his Lewis Street clusterfuck

Arthur Samet, $500 and another $1,700 from the family; Who got Nancy's vote for taxpayer funded developer give aways

Paul Saperstien; $250; Greensboro's taxpayer funded DC lobbyist

Desmond Sheridan; $500; Real Estate and developer attorney who lobbies for those who are interested in greasing the wheels of elected leaders for profit.

Barry Siegal; $1,000; who got money from the City and parking deck spots for downtown apartments which Nancy voted for

And Andy Zimmerman; $500, who has reaped millions from taxpayer coffers via Nancy Hoffmann
Nancy Hoffman's post election filing take from Roy Carroll via the Triad Good Government PAC

Randall Kaplan's payoff for Nancy Hoffmann's votes for his hotel money and the Performing Arts Center

$15,600,000 more for Matt Brown and Greensboro's Coliseum on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 with some cheese for the Samets, who purchased themselves some votes for the project in 2015's City Council election

19. ID 16-0188 Resolution Approving Construction Contract with Samet Corporation/SRS, Inc. as the CMAR to Build the Coliseum Field House

JW CMAR Field House D League - 3-31-16.docx
ID 16-0188 Resolution Authorizing Samet.docx

The Greensboro City Council has already approved $1.2 million in loans as part of the shovel-ready site initiative. Developer Pete Goria and Samet Corp. plan to use loans of $600,000 each for projects in Greensboro.

Remember Samet's $600,000 shovel ready loan advocated by Matheny
and the correlating campaign contributions?

How to purchase Mayor Nancy Vaughan for pennies and get a $5,482,424.00 City of Greensboro taxpayer funded project, by Samet Corporation

Greensboro City Councilmember Nancy Hoffmann's Samet payoff for sliding $5,482,424.00 to Samet Corporation

"Greensboro approves bond for coliseum improvements, construction for new basketball team"; No mention of Samet contributions to Hoffmann and Vaughan

John 'Roy's Boy' Hammer; "Tanger Center To Move Dirt in April"

Nancy Hoffmann's take from Andrew Brod's money made via the City of Greensboro

Greensboro's danger is the connected politicians, elites, and media pundits who enable, run and pilfer our city

"Key downtown property owners [who have received a great deal of Greensboro taxpayer money] back DGI for contract" [for their lobbyist, Zack Matheny]

Jeff Sykes; "Why are so many of us willing to accept mediocrity in our political leaders?"

Nancy Hoffmann Attempts To Steal Downtown Building

Two very different Nancy Hoffmann related articles on her downtown property which received taxpayer funds she voted for via DGI

John Hammer on Nancy Hoffmann

New City of Greensboro Give Away Program John Lomax and Sam Simpson knew about before the general public

Yes Weekly, 11/16/2011; On John Lomax's "reimbursement" for $217,812

Per DGI's Jason Cannon; City Councilwoman Nancy Hoffmann signs authorization for tenant to recieve taxpayer money she voted for

From a thread at Greater Greensboro Politics on Nancy Hoffman's Crony Capitalism and Self Dealing

DGI $ and favoritism for Nancy Hoffmann's on Elm Street with DGI money she voted herself via her incoming tenents

Today's News and Record Letter to the Editor on Nancy Hoffmann, and a Hoffmann Linkfest

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