Monday, March 20, 2017

John 'Roy's Boy' Hammer; "Tanger Center To Move Dirt in April"

"The groundbreaking for the Steven B. Tanger Center for the Performing Arts would be Wednesday, April 26.

President of the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro Walker Sanders said that he expected them to start moving dirt on April 27.

The same Walker Sanders who said Say Yes to Education 
would be sustainable, as he personally profited from the endowment, 
just like he is personally profiting from the performing arts center endowment
via fees paid to the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro

Sanders said that the project was about three months behind schedule and that the permitting process had taken longer than anticipated.

Walker Sanders is a leach upon our community

...Sanders said part of the delay was because the building was so complex that what seemed to be a relatively small change would cause a ripple effect resulting in far more changes than anticipated...

As Sanders personally profits from the money as it sits waiting 

The News & Record has run big stories about the delay in construction on the Tanger Center, implying that there were serious problems.  It appears the News & Record folks have been reading and believing some bloggers in town who push the theory that the entire Tanger Center project is some type of huge conspiracy...

That would be us

Even the announcement in the News & Record about the groundbreaking had a tone of disbelief and raised doubts about it being a real groundbreaking.

It is true that the Tanger Center project, which was conceived in 2012, has not kept to the original timetable.  But a lot of time was spent getting community input, and developing the financing strategy and governing model...

The Rhino's John Hammer is Roy Carroll's boy reporter toy,
who now tows his bosses line, in the name of selling the rest of his condos
across the street at Centerpointe
at the expense of Greensboro's taxpayers, enabled by Roy's bought and paid for politicos, 
namely Nancy Vaughan, Tony Wilkins and Justin Outling among others

Sanders said the donors didn't want to compromise on quality and the city didn't want to compromise on size.  He said, "We reached a compromise where the city has the size it needs to have and we have maintained the quality that we need to have."

Otherwise Kathy Manning and Randall Kaplan 
don't get to profit from their expected taxpayer subsidized new hotel

Sanders said, "It's been a healthy partnership.  But in any kind of partnership you're going to have disagreements."

Said the parasite personally responsible for bringing a Ponzi scheme to town, 
otherwise known as Say Yes to Education

Sanders said that in December the goal was to have the groundbreaking by May, and it's been moved up a month, which should be good news.

John Hammer is nothing more than Roy Carroll's propagandist,
the leftover remains of what may have been a real journalist a few decades ago 

...It is interesting that, depending on how you look at it, the project is either three months behind schedule or two years behind schedule.

John Hammer and the Rhino Times is Roy Carroll's media whore

When the whole idea for a downtown performing arts center was conceived in 2012, the talk had been of replacing the War Memorial Auditorium on the Greensboro Coliseum Complex despite the fact that two bond referendums to do that had failed.

Robbie Perkins who was mayor at the time, suggested that the business community would be willing to pay the difference in the cost of building the new performing arts center if it were downtown instead of on land the city already owned at the Coliseum.

Robbie Perkins is Roy Carroll's local real estate agent, 
who towed Roy's line and funneled Carroll taxpayer money
until it was Nancy Vaughan's turn, all from the Greensboro Country Club crowd

At the time, the off-the-cuff estimate of what was needed to be raised was about $10 million.  It turned out that a lot more than $10 million could be raised.  Through the Greensboro Community Foundation more than $38.5 million has been raised.  And because they are paying for half of the cost, those donors bought a seat at the table on planning the project.

With private meetings not under public records laws, 
just for Roy and friends to pilfer the public purse strings 
for the benefit of themselves and their real estate holdings downtown, 
with 'pledged' money that no one knows exists or not, 
just like the Say Yes to Education endowment 

One holdup early on was that there were not the votes on the City Council to pay for the performing arts center with tax dollars.  So the City Council came up with a plan to pay the city's share, $39.6 million, with hotel-motel tax revenue and parking and ticket fees.

Control fraud now justified by what used to be a fiscal conservative journalist, 
who now writes for the benefit of his benefactor who pays his salary 
to be a lobbyist for Carroll's corporate empire

So if it all works, the Tanger Center will be paid for with about half the money coming directly from donors and much of the rest coming from people who use the Tanger center in the form of parking fees and a ticket fee, with the remainder coming from people who visit the city, and none from city taxes.

Bullshit by a financial illiterate that is John Hammer, 
who never bothered to figure out the math behind the city parking fees
would never be able to fund the debt, but what does it matter, as long as he gets his from Roy
to pay his mortgage and keep his namesake paper alive 

Coming up with the whole funding mechanism meant creating a partnership with competing interests.

One of which is John Hammer's against his taxpaying readers

When the costs came in much higher than anticipated, the city wanted to reduce the quality of the building and the donors wanted keep the quality but reduce the seating capacity.  It took a while to work that out so that each side was satisfied.

Each side isn't satisfied John, just your boss

...The City Council should finally realize that if the city can't get its own projects approved in a timely manner, then the contractors and developers who have been complaining for years aren't crying wolf, but have legitimate issues.

Propaganda for Roy

The city employees who deal with permitting need an attitude adjustment and some simple changes could make a huge difference, but that is never going to happen unless the City Council gets involved and orders that changes be made.

A City Council bought and paid for by Roy Carroll,
which the News and Record is too cowardly to report, 
lest they open themselves up to scrutiny via Warren Buffet's ownership, 
who represents one of the biggest buyers of politicians in American history  

If the City Council doesn't step in and establish a policy on permitting, the next big project that comes along will be delayed for months, not to anyone's benefit but because the city has the power to do it.
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