Tuesday, November 10, 2015

"The world is bankrupt after thirty years of borrowing from the future to throw a party in the present, and the authorities can’t acknowledge that."

What you won't see Greensboro's News and Record report;

"...But they can provide the conditions for disguising it, especially in the statistical hall of mirrors that once-upon-a-time produced meaningful signals for the movement of capital.

The data in the chart above is from Bloomberg 
yet the story has remained unreported in main stream news

Instead of reality-based choices and decisions, the task at hand for the people in charge has been the ever more baroque elaboration of a Potemkin economic false-front, behind which lies a landscape of ruin scavenged by desperate racketeers. That this racketeering has moved so seamlessly into the once-sacred precincts of medicine and higher ed ought to inform us how desperate and perilous it has become.

Greensboro's Press creates and disseminates 
"Potemkin villages" through print and television

...I suspect the sentiment that reigns now is about nothing more than getting through the holiday season without a financial accident.

...this phony baloney economy can’t withstand even a measly quarter-point benchmark interest rate hike. For one thing, it would blow up the operating models of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the buyers of home mortgages who are keeping the construction industry on life support...

...The economic picture manufactured by the national consensus trance has never been more out of touch with reality in my lifetime...

Incoherence reigns, especially in the circles ruled by those who guard the status quo, which includes the failing legacy news media.

It doesn't matter what actually is
as long as most don't know,
until most do

The rising tensions between the US, Russia, China, and the Euro Union grew out of monetary mischief “innovated” by our central bank, especially the shenanigans around debt monetization, which have created dangerous distortions in markets, trade, and perceptions of national interest. Nations are rattling sabers at one another and bluster is in the air. The world is bankrupt after thirty years of borrowing from the future to throw a party in the present, and the authorities can’t acknowledge that.

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