Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Recent Jeff Gauger and News and Record related excerpts; Warren Buffett betrayed Greensboro's community

Warren Buffett owns a huge chunk of the financial industry,
and enough of the information dissemination industry to manage 'news' messaging enough
to protect his investments like Clayton Homes and its financing arm

Warren Buffett owns Greensboro's News and Record.

The News and Record didn't report how Clayton Homes rips off poor people.

Jeff Gauger didn't report how Wells Fargo makes money from North Carolina's retirement plans.

The News and Record didn't report how mimicking the federal government's Thrift Savings Plan could save Greensboro's employees more than $500,000 per year, to preserve Warren Buffett's profitability at the expense of their readers.

Jeff Gauger and friends steal hundreds of millions from their readers via lies of omission so Warren Buffett can make more money.

Greensboro's City Council is in on it, including Tony Wilkins, whose cowardice from the right is a complete disgrace.  They fucked their own employees with the help of Jim Westmoreland, Mary Vigue, Connie Hammond and Donnie Turlington.

Nancy Vaughan led the Council into shafting their own employees by letting the financial industry continue to grossly overcharge fees in the City's 457 ICMA-RC retirement plan.

It's inexcusable.
"Ex-Triad partnership chief has case continued again", Stan Kelly, Wells Fargo and North Carolina's Crony Governments

That's how to get rid of people like Ron Elmer who just lost to Dan Blue
for North Carolina's Treasurer

By not making an endorsement for the NC Treasurer Democratic primary,
Greensboro's News and Record, along with most of the other state papers
fucked hundreds of thousands of municipal employees out of more than $500,000,000 per year
and most don't know.

Stan Kelly knows.

Stan Kelly presided over years of skimming money from retirement plans for Wells Fargo,
was involved in purchasing elected officials with legal bribes
and now, with the help of organizations like the Piedmont Triad Partnership
will continue to fleece North Carolina employees with Warren Buffet's blessing

Joe Killian and Jeff Gauger betrayed North Carolina's employees
for Warren Buffett

Allen Johnson and Doug Clark betrayed North Carolina's employees
for Warren Buffett

Marty only extracts rent from most of the restaurants on his properties, which the News and Record's Allen Johnson doesn't seem to understand.  But Allen doesn't understand basic economics, so that's what we have for an 'opinion leader'.  

More like a cheerleader of the uneducated variety whom everyone likes to look at anyway.

Doug Clark, Allen Johnson and Jeff Gauger didn't understand or foresee what happened last time the economy tanked, and their jobs are to not know or report as we decline once again.

They, along with the Triad Business Journal, are just cheerleaders for the 1%.

What Warren Buffett's newspapers did to North Carolina's employees

Who do you think Greensboro's News and Record is going to endorse?

Greensboro's News and Record is directly responsible 
for North Carolina and the City of Greensboro's employees 
paying more for pension and retirement investments than necessary,
as they have known for years and did nothing

Jeff Gauger has direct personal knowledge
of Elmer's strategy, as I told him on multiples of occasions
and he didn't let Warren Buffett's newspaper report the story

Joe Killian and Susan Ladd know exactly what could have been reported
and wasn't,
and then Joe's wife became a financial industry lobbyist

Jon Hardister barely lifted a finger,
and then failed to act in the best interests of North Carolina employees
by not following through

Tony Wilkins, Nancy Vaughan, Nancy Hoffmann, Sharon Hightower, 
Yvonne Johnson, Mike Barber, MariKay Abuzuaiter and Jamal Fox
with Jim Westmoreland, Donnie Turlington and Mary Vigue's help 
betrayed those they are supposed to represent

Mark Sutter and Jeff Gauger betrayed our community's investing class

They shafted Wachovia's shareholders and they know it

I figure they figure it's okay if most everyone else in the news business did the same

It would certainly be nice to have a local paper with some guts

Watching John Hammer disintegrate isn't a pleasant experience

He looked like someone stole his soul at the PAC press conference,
and his reporting on the subject proved it

Being someone's puppet can't be that much fun, 
just ask Donnie Turlington

How financially illiterate is our press?

How sold out is Tony Wilkins?

When did Justin Outling choose to sell his soul?

How disappointed can we get with Sharon Hightower?


What is the $78.1 million number based upon Matt Brown?


How much will Brady Trane make on the deal?

How much will Lomax Construction make?

David Hagan already got his taste.

Walker Sanders CFGG has already profited.

DH Griffin was paid to knock everything down.

Who get's the construction contracts?

Who makes the RFP decisions?

Is our community this collectively fucking stupid?

Thanks News and Record and Roy's Rhino.

If there's a hell, Roy Carroll, John Hammer, Brian Clarey, Eric Ginsberg
Chuck Womack, Joe Killian and Jeff Gauger etc... should get first class tickets.

You let pay to play crony capitalism take over Greensboro

Fuck you for betraying your profession.

This one is yours Nancy Vaughan and Jim Westmoreland.

Not only did you use a taxpayer owned property as a gift
for Marty Kotis,
you lied your way into a white elephant of a PAC
while Greensboro's press let you off the hook.

Now that you're re-elected going into a global recession,
when the tide of easy money goes out,
you'll be standing naked and alone as those who profited
recede out of sight.

Guess who Warren Buffett's News and Record is endorsing and what Jeff Gauger won't allow to be reported?

This is why the City of Greensboro didn't want to change their retirement plan options, but did anyway with little fanfare, saving their employees money without saying so.

It's why Jeff Gauger, Joe Killian and Amanda Lehmert at the News and Record, owned by Warren Buffet who owns more than 9% of Wells Fargo, didn't report anything on my proposal to save Greensboro's employees money in the plan.

It's why Jeff, Joe and Amanda didn't tell local Wells Fargo clients how they were being lied to in Envision Retirement Plans.

Thousands of investors in our community are relatively getting ripped off by being overcharged, and the News and Record didn't tell anyone after multiples of interviews and provided documentation.

Ever been lied to by omission by a local paper 
owned by Warren Buffett?

Any Wachovia shareholders out there
who have been sold a bridge 
by the Winston Salem Journal or Greensboro's News and Record?

What's not that really intriguing
is how a modern day news dissemination outlet
can con an entire community into believing what isn't true.

Mo has yet to reap what he sowed with Say Yes to Education 
and Say Yes Guilford, 
as our local news sources are worthless.

The News and Record and the Rhino Times
are lobbyist driven propaganda machines, 
serving not their readers 
but their advertisers and publisher's best interests.

What you think you're thinking, 
isn't' necessarily what may actually be true, 
but may be what some decide behind closed doors 
to tell you to think,
and you didn't and most probably won't know.

If you think other than what 'they' want you to think, 
they'll label you as unhinged.


So fuck you Joe Killian, Jeff Gauger and friends

When presented with the opportunity to do right by City of Greensboro's employees, Tony Wilkins, Marikay Abuzuaiter, Nancy Vaughan, Mike Barber, Yvonne Johnson, Jamal Fox and Sharon Hightower supported cronies connected to the financial industry, Jim Westmoreland, Mary Vigue, Rick Lusk and Connie Hammond rather than more than 2,800 employees who are still getting skimmed off of by ICMA-RC, the administrator for the City's 457 retirement plan.

Same thing only different.

When presented with the opportunity to report to the public how the financial industry rips off local investors and retirement plan participants, the News and Record's Joe Killian, Susan Ladd, Stephen Doyle, Jeff Gauger, Margaret Moffet among others including the Rhino Times John Hammer and the Triad Business Journal's Mark Sutter didn't lift a finger for their readers against the parasitic interests who prey upon their readers.

These folks let the banking and investment system steal from you.

And they know it.

And they didn't bother to tell you, as it would upset their benefactors.

Now Mary Vigue is in charge of a legal Ponzi scheme called Say Yes to Education and Say Yes Guilford whose business model skims profits for administrators and vendors meant for college scholarships for Guilford County students with monies donated by local foundations, managed for a profit by the Community Foundation of High Point, and the Community Foundation of Greensboro, who's Walker Sanders lied to get additional taxpayer funding for Greensboro's STPAC with the help of Matt Brown, City Council and City staff, including Rick Lusk.

Rick knew better and went along to keep his job as far as I can tell.

He must throw up a little every time he has to go along with the facade.

Warren Buffett sponsored propaganda this is.

Without disclosing Don and Mayor Vaughan's methane take while Nancy served on the Solid Waste Committee, the News and Record comes out with an advocacy piece without an opposing view.

It's garbage journalism Joe Killian, Allen Johnson and Jeff Gauger.

Where is the chart showing those who received taxpayer benefits and their lawyers and/or agents who also contributed monies to the legislators who voted for the projects?

This kind of non-reporting shows a marriage of government, business and the press, which has become a fascist disease foisted upon our community with the News and Record's active, engaged complicity.

Not much different than Susan Ladd's pro whatever most of our City's elite wants her to be for.

You are promoting higher profits for a few connected businesses at the expense of competitors who didn't purchase some politicians down the street.

The News and Record isn't' a news outlet anymore, but a cheer leading squad for Greensboro's crony capitalists.

Saying Revolution Mills is for or in East Greensboro has been a great example of how you have misled your readers.

Still no reporting of the City's cost lowering exercise in their retirement plan, as it would hurt your benefactor.

Still nothing on Mike Barber's taxpayer take with First Tee of the Triad.

You support the initiatives of crooked politicians, which makes you crooked too.

You didn't tell anyone the math Walker Sanders and Nancy Barakat Vaughan came up with was garbage, which it was/is, especially the extra VIP parking revenue utter nonsense.

You didn't inform the public most of the money committed to Say Yes Guilford is coming in over a series of years, even though they are going to start paying out next year, which appears to be unsustainable.

And we are headed into an economic decline. Remember when I told you in your parking lot of a recession within three years Allen Johnson?

Guess what?

Probably about time to re-remove the archives again, for the fourth time in recent history. That way, you can start all over again, before you start over again, again.

That's the new modern form of professional journalism.

Cover your tracks and most won't remember later anyway.

Eventually, Greensboro's News and Record, who has routinely misinformed and/or misled and/or lied by omission to the public of pay to play by Roy Carroll, Zack Matheny, Mike Barber, Tony Wilkins, Nancy Vaughan, Jamal Fox, Nancy Hoffmann, Yvonne Johnson, the Koury Clan, Jim Melvin, Marty Kotis, Sam Simpson, Mary Vigue, John Lomax, Henry Isaacson, Jim Phillips, George Carr, Dawn Chaney etc... etc... etc...    is going to have to write something about all the corruption at the state level which they will claim to abhor, while completely claiming innocence at the local level.

There is no way Greensboro could be as crooked as it is without the help of a compromised press.

Joe, along with the rest of Greensboro's News and Record staff who work for Warren Buffett, who makes money on financial 'Services Brands', chose not to investigate or report on the City of Greensboro's overpriced retirement plan for more than two years, and still haven't, even though the City agreed to lower the cost of the plan with Vangaurd Index Funds.

Now Joe's wife Amanda, who used to cover the City, works for a vendor of the City he is supposed to cover as a journalist, supporting the efforts of the financial industry to overcharge retirement plan participants which her husband refused to report on after he said he would.

Joe told me he would report on the City's overpriced retirement plan and didn't.

I met with the News and Record's Jeff Gauger twice on the subject, he agreed with my contentions, said he would do a story, and didn't, costing thousands of his readers millions per year for the benefit of Warren Buffett.

This is Greensboro, where the public doesn't know shit because our press is as crooked as the crooks they cover with accolades.

You own it Susan, Moffitt, Doyle, Gauger and Killian etc... whether you choose to acknoledge your self confirmation bias or not.
It's amazing how someone who has worked so hard to rig this election for Greensboro City Council incumbents is now castigating the public for not participating in the farce.

The News and Record doesn't report correllations to supporter contributions and Council "incentive" hand outs, doesn't bother to identify objvious conflicts of interest of those it's promotiong to win, and expects more to turn out to participate in a pre-determined outcome.

How about telling the public of Jim Melvin's contributions and bundling relative to his $2 million plus take for his white elephant of a megasite a few miles away from another partially owned by a Trudy Wade supporter which is already certified as a site?

How about informing the electorate of Brooks Pierce's Jim Phillips contributions to the mayor after being hired to lobby for and then file suit on the redistricting bill?

Don't these factoids seem relevant?

The low turnout is party the responsibility of the author of the article.

You own it Susan, Moffitt, Doyle, Gauger and Killian etc... whether you choose to acknoledge your self confirmation bias or not.