Sunday, October 16, 2016

Warren 'News and Record owner' "Buffett made billions amid Wells Fargo fraud" with the help of Allen Johnson and Amanda Lehmert among others

"...former CEO of Wells Fargo, John Stumpf... though, is small fry compared to the big fish of the Wells Fargo story, who turns out to be none other than Warren Buffett, the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway...

In Buffett’s Feb. 27, 2016, letter to shareholders, he valued Berkshire Hathaway’s position in Wells Fargo at $27.18 billion, representing a $14.45 billion profit over the $12.73 billion that Berkshire spent to accumulate the position.

"from: George Hartzman

Allen Johnson did nothing

Amanda Lehmert <>,

Amanda wanted a harmed client, 
I provided one, and the News and Record killed the story

Jeff Gauger <>,

Gauger did nothing as the Feds let Wells Fargo get away with it

Joe Killian <>,

Joe Killian betrayed the City of Greensboro's employees 
for the benefit of Warren Buffett,,,

Richard Barron is a useless business reporter,
Zack Matheny <>,

Zack, as a former broker who knew,
should be ashamed of himself for betraying thousands of local Wells Fargo customers,,,

Denise got a really nice job

date: Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 1:42 PM
subject:  I take this to mean the issue is under investigation.


I have received this information you provided.

I will be ensure our assigned examiner also receives the information
to help with his investigation. 

He may be in touch if he has questions.

Jennifer Anne Luginbill

Luginbill should be held accountable 
for betraying Wells Fargo's clients who think they are on their way to achieving bogus goals

Associate Director
Kansas City District Office
120 W. 12th Street, Suite 800
Kansas Ciy, MO 64105"

In a Feb. 29, 2016, interview on CNBC, Buffett said Stumpf had done “a fabulous job” and that Buffett himself would “have a hunger strike in front of the directors” of Wells Fargo if they went along with the CEO’s idea of retiring in two years at age 65. “It’s a very well-run bank,” Buffett said on CNBC in February.

This was only the most recent in 25 years worth of examples of Buffett touting Wells Fargo. In his March 1991 Berkshire shareholder letter, Buffett described Wells Fargo as “superbly-managed.” In his March 7, 1995, shareholder letter, Buffett described Wells Fargo as “Berkshire Bank.”

In his Feb. 28, 2006, letter to Berkshire shareholders, Buffett reported, “we substantially increased our holdings in Wells Fargo, a company that Dick Kovacevich runs brilliantly.” It was in 2005 that, according to The New York Times, employees at Wells Fargo started making internal complaints about the sham accounts.

On Feb. 25, 2012, Buffett told Berkshire shareholders that he’d spent another $1 billion buying more of Wells Fargo, describing the holding as among a few “partnership interests in wonderful businesses.” On Feb. 28, 2014, Buffett told Berkshire shareholders that Berkshire had bought even more Wells Fargo stock, calling it a “wonderful company” and comparing it to the Hope diamond.

In Buffett’s letter to Berkshire shareholders in 2015, he reported that “four horses pulling a Wells Fargo stagecoach” would appear in Omaha, Neb., for the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting. It was a physical symbol of how closely Buffett and Berkshire were publicly and proudly identified with the bank that is by far its largest public stock position.

Buffett didn’t buy Wells Fargo stock for only Berkshire Hathaway; he also bought some for his personal account — more than 2 million shares, or about $100 million worth, depending on the stock price, according to a recent disclosure. How Buffett handles the potential conflicts of owning shares personally and also for Berkshire is another matter that might be of interest to Sen. Warren. Buffett and Berkshire together were by far the bank’s largest shareholders, with a combined stake exceeding 10 percent.

...Buffett has been a reliable proponent of tax increases that would have no material effect on him but would make things more expensive for his competitors.

Until and unless you hear Obama, Clinton and Warren criticizing Buffett as much or more as they castigate Stumpf, recognize their bank-bashing for what it is: political posturing and selective outrage, rather than principled, rules-based oversight."
There is no way Greensboro could be as crooked as it is without the help of a compromised press.

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