Thursday, August 4, 2016

Remember what they told the kids; "Guilford County Says YES to Education - and Yes to College Tuition!"

If they're in kindergarten through sixth grade, 
and graduate with that continuous enrollment, they're eligible for 100 percent, 
and then it goes down from there

Say Yes Guilford Executive Director Mary Vigue

"...Say Yes Guilford County is the newest chapter of Say Yes to Education, a national nonprofit organization that works with an wide range of of community partners that gives students enrolled in Guilford County Schools access to “last dollar” tuition scholarships to college and other post secondary programs. It also provides academic and non-academic support services to help ensure students perform at their maximums, and are, as a result, prepared for that opportunity.

In the case of a two-year or four-year North Carolina public college or university, Say Yes provides a last dollar tuition scholarship to cover the tuition costs not covered by Federal Pell Grants and need-based state grant aid or academic scholarships granted by the institutions themselves..."
"Realtors Partner with 'Say Yes Guilford' Scholarship Program

A scholarship program in Guilford County is now having an impact on more than just students.

Area realtors are also benefiting from Say Yes to Education.

As I left the gym, Ragsdale student Dominique Parker and his friends
 paused on their way to PE.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Parker asked. “Did we win something?”

“Yes,” I said. “You just won a free college education. All of you.”

After a second of silence, they all started asking questions at once.

“For real?”

“Not just community college?”

“If you graduate and get accepted to college, 
your tuition will be paid to the last dollar,” I said. 

Susan Ladd
Let's make the most of Say Yes
Greensboro News and Record

Carol Lowe is a realtor with Coldwell Banker in Greensboro, and is thrilled about a new logo at the top of her for sale signs.

"We should see a real increase in home sale numbers, as well as potentially an increase in property values,” Lowe said. “As a realtor, I think that's really exciting!"

"We developed our logo on there so that they could place them on for sale signs as a way to communicate with people who are looking to purchase homes in Guilford County, and that it's eligible for our program,” said Say Yes Guilford Executive Director Mary Vigue.

Through donations, the Say Yes to Education Guilford program is able to provide scholarships to eligible graduates as they get ready for college.

It's based on a students' length of time in the school system.

"If they're in kindergarten through sixth grade, and graduate with that continuous enrollment, they're eligible for 100 percent, and then it goes down from there,” Vigue said.

Lowe says the program has already proven successful not only for realtors, but businesses as well in the communities Say Yes is already established in: Buffalo and Syracuse. She's hoping Guilford County follows the same pattern.

"Businesses came in because they wanted to participate,” Lowe said. “They felt it was a real benefit to their workforce. They not only brought in people, but those people bought houses. The economy grew."

Meantime, the new for sale sign additions are already paying off.

"I've had success with the ones I've put the signs on bringing attention to Say Yes going under contract pretty quickly,” Lowe said."

"The more people we get moving into the community, the more engaged we become, and the more successful we'll be,” Vigue said.

If they're in kindergarten through sixth grade, 
and graduate with that continuous enrollment, they're eligible for 100 percent, 
and then it goes down from there

Say Yes Guilford Executive Director Mary Vigue

The program has already raised $36 million for Guilford County students.

“That is dope,” another student said, shaking his head.

Indeed it is.

The dreams of all students are now within reach. 

Starting with the Class of 2016, 
graduates of Guilford County Schools 
will have the opportunity to go to college and graduate
without taking on crushing debt.

Guilford County, with about 73,000 students, 
is the largest school system that Say Yes has taken on. 

That number exceeds the total students in Say Yes programs
in Buffalo, N.Y., and Syracuse, N.Y., combined.

"...Say Yes to Education, a nonprofit organization with a proven record of success, is offering our community $15 million and the expertise to set up a program that provides services to help prepare students for college and the money to help them go. That is, last-dollar scholarships — full tuition after grants and financial aid — for every graduate of Guilford County Schools.

...Foundations, corporations and community members have raised nearly $26 million to start an endowment. The city of Greensboro, the Guilford County school board and the city of High Point all committed to get involved in the program.

...Say Yes is not asking the county to commit a dime at this point.

Every public school parent and anyone who cares about the economic well-being of our community should call, write and attend meetings to tell the commissioners not to stand in the way of an opportunity that would benefit 83 percent of Guilford County students.

...We should pledge ourselves to making this program work. Not with “I’ll think about it” or “if you do this.”

The answer should be an unequivocal “yes.”
At first glance, it would seem that the campaign to bring the Say Yes to Education program to Guilford County is the political equivalent of an easy layup or slam dunk in a basketball game.

The program offers great promise — providing free tuition to every public high school graduate in the county.

Guilford County would be selected from 14,000 possible locations across the United States, which were narrowed to 26 districts for full contention and then three finalists.

In addition, the national Say Yes program would pump $15 million into the county during the next five years... | 888-3528 | @HPEpaul

Ready for launch

...• Guilford County has been the leading candidate for the next full-scale program for Say Yes, which provides free tuition to all public high school graduates in a community.

• Say Yes would provide a full tuition scholarship to any Guilford County Schools high school graduate who chooses to attend a public college in the University of North Carolina system. The graduates would be eligible regardless of family income level.

• If a county high school graduate chooses to attend a private college eligible through Say Yes, the student would receive full tuition reimbursement if from a family with an annual income of $75,000 or less. Private college students from a family with an income greater than $75,000 receive a $5,000 annual scholarship.
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