Monday, July 31, 2017

If you want to understand how corrupt Greensboro is, read Billy Jones' post on Roy Carroll and The Rhino Times

Rhino Times Paid Off By The City Of Greensboro?
On those who will lose in 2017's City Council races

How the Rhino Times' John Hammer reports news about Roy Carroll's businesses, one of which own the Rhino Times

John Hammer (Roy Carroll) calls for Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan's resignation

Circulation Fraud; Does the Rhino Times have 60,000 weekly readers of 5,000 printed papers, or 50,000?

Our local paper of record's lack of pointing out Marty Kotis is one of North Carolina's biggest HB2 supporters

News and Record Civil Rights Museum Ass Kiss While Being Sued

It's been 55 days since the News and Record didn't report Marty Kotis getting $600,000 from Greensboro's taxpayers to design a bike path inside a consent agenda

"The ongoing battle between independent, alternative media and legacy corporate-government sponsored propaganda media is in full swing"

Sharon Hightower abuse of power

Borrowed money for slum lords and developers to be paid for by City of Greensboro taxpayers

Roy Carroll appointed to North Carolina Railroad Company Board = Megasite profits coming his way

JUly 7, 2016 at 5:00pm, three days after the fourth, Greensboro's News and Record bends to report truth

Dear businesses looking to relocate or expand in Greensboro, North Carolina

"Key downtown property owners [who have received a great deal of Greensboro taxpayer money] back DGI for contract" [for their lobbyist, Zack Matheny]

News and Record's Margaret Moffett; "Council halts discussion on downtown contract amid allegation"