Monday, August 26, 2019

Tanger Factory Outlets, whose Steven Tanger is funding Greensboro's new Performing Arts Center with $7.5 million, dropped from $40 per share to $14
The Mistake You Are Making With Tanger Factory Outlet Centers: The Safety Of The Dividend

Tanger Factory Outlet Centers (SKT) shares remain risky and the dividend is not as safe as it looks. I remain bearish on SKT and rate shares a sell.

The issue with SKT continues to be the secular headwinds facing lower quality mall and mall outlet properties.

The continued deterioration in long-term leases is worrisome, and they will need to continue to direct all excess free cash flow towards paying down debt indefinitely as long as cash flows continue to decline.

Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Short Interest 

Greensboro's City Council violated their oaths of office and the City Charter on TPAC, enabled by Kathy Manning

"concerning all documentation concerning the financial sustainability of the Tanger Performing Arts Center

From a Roch Smith City of Greensboro records request on STPAC funding; The City doesn't really know how much of the private donations received are actually in hand, and Walker Sanders of The Community Foundation of Greensboro appears to have not released the information while making investment fees on an unknown amount of assets

Greensboro City Council member Tammi Thurm's former employer Randall Kaplan's Wife and Congressional Candidate Kathy Manning's Tammi Thurm $1,000 contribution before she voted them a $30 million unneeded parking deck from which they will personally profit

Are City of Greensboro taxpayers and parking deck patrons on the hook for at least $35.1 million not including legal costs, for a parking deck which most of City Council doesn't even know much about, for Kathy Manning, Randall Kaplan, George House and Greg Dillon, who has a contract on the News and Record property?

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro asks its donors to "bunch" 2018 donations without disclosing much of the money could be forcibly allocated to Greensboro's new Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro's Walker Sanders violated his fiduciary duty to his clients and donors

How to mislead a community on $23,108,494.98 Publicly Funded TPAC costs, by Greensboro's City Council, Staff and the 'Private Donors' who knew and said nothing

On US Senator Kay Hagan's Brother in Law David Hagan, Making a Nice Slice off Greensboro's Taxpayers while Sitting on CFGG's Board

Performing Arts Center: "[Notable]...Task Force Members"

GPAC Development / Marketing Task Force; Kathy Manning, co-chair

GPAC Economic Impact / Feasibility Task Force; Randall Kaplan

GPAC Development / Marketing Task Force; George House, one of Randall's partners

Local Democratic delegates vote to tell the national fundraising arm to stay out of the North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District primary election, the state’s most heavily contested congressional race between Adam Coker and Kathy Manning, and Greensboro's News and Record reports nothing, two and now one day before the election = Another media rigged primary

STPAC VIP Parking Control Fraud Math

Downtown Greensboro Parking Deck Math = City Council lied to our community and may have broken a few laws

Two reasons among many that a GPAC with 3,000 seats probably won't work as well as DPAC with 2,700 seats

Kathy Manning, Randall Kaplan's wife, lobbying for a GPAC and their new hotel

On GPAC and the Community Foundation

Jeff Sykes carves up Nancy Vaughan, Roy Carroll, Randall Kaplan and the rest of the crooked crew in downtown Greensboro