Thursday, December 8, 2016

Yes Weekly prints Greensboro Civil Rights & Museum Fake News

"As 2016 reaches its end, the International Civil Rights Center & Museum nears the completion of seven years of successful operations. Having navigated a challenging path, we celebrate this hard-earned institutional performance as a foundation for our future growth and increasing strength...

...we successfully brought to a close nearly $36 million in complex tax credit arrangements that funded the establishment of this inspiring institution at the same time that it supplied a dynamic hub of economic development for Downtown Greensboro. At this point, the financial obligations of the Museum are down to less than $1.3 million, which we can address by normal fund-raising.

Owed mostly to City of Greensboro taxpayers
to pay for the museum to get out of the tax credit deal

This accomplishment was the end-product of steady financial management, with a strategic “eye on the prize” of our future sustainability and impact...

end-product of steady financial management

...The Museum has itself become a recognized destination, serving more than 70,000 visitors each year in the downtown area.

Not lately, is my understanding

...we have continued to help generate commercial activity in Downtown Greensboro.

The difficult breakthrough ...put Piedmont North Carolina on the map in the 1960s as a world center for lessons on the struggle for civil and human rights. Since then, North Carolina prospered economically and culturally under the image of moderate progressivism.

...the imaginative investments made by Sit-In Movement, Inc., have encouraged the revival of Downtown Greensboro..."

– John L. Swaine is the CEO of the International Civil Rights Center & Museum in Downtown Greensboro.
"Civil Rights museum is not financially sustainable"

"City: Sit-in museum owes $933,155 in loan repayment by 2018", and defaulted on the first payment

[The International Civil Rights Center &] "Museum owes $57,000 in property tax for 2014, 2015"

"The chief fundraiser of the International Civil Rights Center & Museum has confirmed that he no longer works there."

Greensboro's News and Record fails to disclose ongoing lawsuit involving Earl Jones

Lex Alexander on Greensboro's Civil Rights Museum board suing the News and Record

"The Disproportionate Risks of Driving While Black" in Greensboro, North Carolina; "A version of this article appears in print on October 25, 2015, on page A1 of the New York edition with the headline: The Disproportionate Risk of Driving While Black."

A comment on Eric Ginsburg's Triad City Beat poorly researched journalistic garbage on Greensboro City Council campaign contributions

Greensboro's Civil Rights Museum Audit doesn't have to be "clean", but "acceptable"

A Hypothetical Adaptation; "Bloody Greensboro"

Dear David Brantley Craft; "[C. Brantley] Aycock’s vile legacy", by the Editorial Board of the News & Record

News & Record; "$150,000 to the International Civil Rights Center & Museum. The money would be a gift..."

Skip Alston, Earl Jones and friends "who asked to defend council redistricting suit now want out"

Dear David 'Brantley' Craft; "Former North Carolina Gov. Charles 'Brantley' Aycock, in his own words"

Civil Rights Center: Details Never Told


"Expenses for camps and clinics, the rationale for the organization, amount to $23,193, or six percent of total revenue."

Mike Barber Lied On First Tee Federal Form 990s

Who owns the building Margaret?

Yes Weekly's Jeff Sykes on Skip Alston, Earl Jones and the Civil Rights Mueseum

Who owns the building Susan Ladd?

Susan Ladd: Greensboro should not forgive loan to civil rights museum

Margaret Moffett's answer to who owns the Civil Rights Museum property

2013 year end Simkins PAC disclosure signed by Skip showing Robbie paid Alston $4,000 for the Simkins PAC endorsement;

Rhino Times Skip Alston Propaganda Piece; Roy Carroll must be proud

If Deena Hayes was the Chairperson, why did George Clopton sign the Civil Rights Museum contract?

Same Day Rhino Times and News & Record Civil Rights Museum Articles; Earl wants $500,000 per year with no strings

Skip Alston using the Simkins PAC, which Yvonne Johnson is a member, to personally profit

Skip Alston, Treasurer of the Simpkins PAC and Yvonne Johnson, Simkins PAC member

News and Record Editorial Board misleads readers on Greensboro's Civil Rights Museum questions and answers

On the March 6, 2014 News and Record Civil Rights Museum article

Yvonne Johnson, Skip Alston and Robbie's self dealing vote for Skip's $150,000; Simkins PAC and money for family members

GN&R's Allen Johnson on Skip Alston

Yes Weekly on Skip Alston Pressuring City Council Members with the Simkins PAC Endorsement

Civil Rights Museum's Lacy Ward shafted by Simkins PAC cronies

"Museum board member quits" and an information request for the City of Greensboro with background

Civil Rights Museum Property is Owned by Skip Alston and Earl Jones etc..., Who Stand to Profit from the City Bailout

Same Day Rhino Times and News & Record Civil Rights Museum Articles; Earl wants $500,000 per year with no strings

"1969 Greensboro uprising"

FEDERAL CIVIL TRIAL; March 11, 1985 to June 7, 1985; "What happened after November 3, 1979?"

John Locke Foundation's Sam Hieb, and the N&R's Joe Killian and Susan Ladd; "Ask Mike Barber about the Klan-Nazi shootout"

No mention of Skip Alston lining up civil rights speakers by Roy's Rhino's John Hammer

Rhino Times owner Roy Carroll on why Greensboro should have fewer black City Council members?

Skip And Earl Knew About The Water Problems Before Construction Of The ICRCM Began

Civil Rights Museum Financials Worse Than Reported

ICRCM John Swaine: The Pot Calling The Kettle Black