Monday, April 9, 2018

Nancy Hoffmann, Tony Wilkins and Justin Outling thinking they are reaching 50,000 Rhino readers, or just paying or getting paid by Roy Carroll for endorsements?

"Last Thursday I did something I ...delivered papers for the Rhino Times. 

[The Rhino's driver/delivery guy] quit after having picked up the papers; and he carried the full print run, about 5,000 papers, upstairs to our second floor office and stacked them in the hall outside my office.  

He was really mad about something but I don't remember what."
John Hammer admits printing 5,000 Rhino Times per week =

If the Rhino prints 5,000 papers per week, how is it possible Roy Carroll and John Hammer can claim they have 50,000 readers per week?

If every copy is read, 10 people read each copy?

How many papers aren't read at all?

Roy and John are claiming every Rhino Times printed every week 
is read by 10 different people

As I read and recycle at least one Rhino per week without anyone else reading it, 
their math is bullshit

Inflating circulation to sell advertising is a form of theft, 
as advertising rates are based largely on circulation

If the Rhino uses a false claim of 50,000 readers per week on 5,000 papers
to sell Coliseum advertisements to City taxpayers, 
Roy Carroll and John Hammer violated N.C. Gen. Stat § 75-1.1: 
Unfair & Deceptive Trade Practices Under North Carolina Law
and the current City Council is okay with it

If City taxpayers are paying for Rhino ads
under the impression they reach 50,000 readers weekly and it's not true, 
taxpayers have been harmed by overpaying for Coliseum ads based on false advertising,
and the current City Council lets it go, as they benefit from it

Circulation Fraud; Does the Rhino Times have 60,000 weekly readers of 5,000 printed papers, or 50,000?

60,000 print readers read 5,000 Rhino Times per week?

Once again, Greensboro's Rhino Times inflates readership estimates to mislead advertisers

If City taxpayers are paying for Coliseum Rhino ads
under the impression the paper reaches 50,000 readers weekly, and it's not true, 
taxpayers and the Rhino's advertisers are overpaying via false advertising, 
otherwise known as circulation fraud, supported by Greensboro's City Council.

Communications between Roy Carroll's Rhino's John Hammer and the City of Greensboro's Donnie Turlington on the Rhino's Circulation numbers

The City of Greensboro's response to the Rhino Times Circulation Audit Mystery

From an EZ Greensboro Fan on the Rhino Times Circulation/Reader Inflation Issue

Think about how much taxpayer money Nancy Hoffmann has voted to give to Marty Kotis

A taxpayer funded parking deck for Roy Carroll and Tuggle Duggins moved by Councilmember Outling, seconded by Councilmember Hoffmann, to adopt the resolution. 

The motion carried on the following roll call vote:

Ayes, Nancy Vaughan, Yvonne J. Johnson, Mike Barber, Marikay Abuzuaiter, Jamal T. Fox, Sharon M. Hightower, Nancy Hoffmann, Justin Outling and Tony Wilkins"

A sign of panic; "Wilkins, Barber win nods from 5 former Greensboro mayors"

Did Goldie Wells tell Tony Wilkins she would not run before he voted to appoint her to City Council?

Answer the question Tony Wilkins

How much money has Tony Wilkins voted for his contributors
since he's been in office?

Goldie Wells signs on to be just like Justin Outling and Tony Wilkins; Appointed before an election

Tony Wilkins voted yes

Tony Wilkins voted for it "with No Comment"

Fake fiscal conservative Tony Wilkins and Justin Outling vote for City of Greensboro Tax Increase

Rhino Times John Hammer shills for Justin Outling and the rest of Roy Carroll's minions on City Council

What are the chances Justin Outling isn't playing ball for Brooks, Pierce's other clients if he got 16 Brooks, Pierce employees to give to his campaign so far?, and some Marty Kotis

"Councilman Justin Outling violated conflict of interest rule", and should resign. with links

"Council Admits To Raising City Taxes", and John Hammer's big lie

Fake fiscal conservative Tony Wilkins and Justin Outling vote for City of Greensboro Tax Increase

Justin Outling: $500 from Marty Kotis, who he voted to give taxpayer monies to

What Justin Outling didn't/don't/won't watch out for, for the City employees' retirement plan

Greensboro City Councilman Justing Outling voted for regressive taxes for Greensboro's poor

Premeditated fraud on the City's taxpayers by Justin Outling and City Council

We are paying Roy to keep up his Yacht

Roy E Carroll - Yacht - Yacht Name: Rhino - Yacht Length: 47 m (154 ft) - Guests: 10 in 5 cabins - Crew: 10 in 5 cabins - Yacht Value: US$ 15 million - Owners Name: Roy E. Carroll - Owners Net Worth: US$ 1 billion - Owners Company: Carroll Companies  - Owners Country: USA - Carroll’s yacht Rhino is named after his news paper Rhino Times

The Rhino's Hammer, a lying liberal when told to be as Roy Carroll's crony faux journalistic boy toy to cover for City Council's handouts to John's boss

The Rhino Times' John Hammer doesn't give a rat's ass about anything that doesn't have to do with the best interests of John Hammer

The Rino's John Hammer Carrying Roy Carroll's GPAC position, and the local Republican establishment

How far is John Hammer's head inserted into Roy Carroll's rectum? Using Straw Men against challengers

The City of Greensboro blowing off a legitimate taxpayer inquiry concerning the Rhino Times circulation numbers and links

Has anyone seen the Rhino Times' circulation audit? About 16% of the Rhino's ads are taxpayer funded.

Roy Carroll's Rhino Times questionable circulation subsidized by Greensboro's taxpayers

Rhino Times Greensboro Coliseum Advertising

Rhino Times; N.C. Gen. Stat § 75-1.1: Unfair & Deceptive Trade Practices Under North Carolina Law

From an EZ Greensboro Fan on the Rhino Times Circulation/Reader Inflation Issue