Sunday, September 17, 2017

Greensboro council voted to increase taxes upon the City's poor to give a parking deck to Tuggle Duggins and Roy Carroll

"Greensboro council to consider building parking deck near baseball stadium

The City Council will discuss Tuesday whether to build an eight-story parking deck near the downtown baseball stadium.

The City, as in Greensboro's taxpayers

The 1,050-space deck would provide the foundation — quite literally — for the 15- to 20-story mixed-use building Greensboro developer Roy Carroll is planning.

Taxpayer funded give away to Roy Carroll, 
so he can have parking for his new building
after the 'City' gave Roy a City street and water and sewer infrastructure
so he could build his hotel across the street

Carroll’s building would sit atop the deck.

...“We’re going to build on our property a city parking deck and we’re going to retain the air rights above the parking deck,” he said.

Greensboro's taxpayers are going to build a parking deck 
on Roy Carroll's property, 
so he can money on the backs of poor City resident's property taxes

...The deck would serve not only Carroll’s planned building, but an office tower adjacent to First National Bank Field that’s under construction.

...Tuggle Duggins law firm will use the top 2½ floors of the building, which will be about one-third the size of the Lincoln Financial Building.

Tuggle Duggins and other tenants would lease 265 parking spaces from the city.

Tuggle Duggins and Roy need the taxpayer funded parking deck 
to make the buildings they are already building usable, 
which means this deal was already baked into the parasite cake,
enabled by crooked City executives and bought and paid for City Council members

...Carroll’s building would lease 450 spaces from the city. Carroll would first create ground-level retail space within the deck, then add the high-rise on top.

Who gets the revenue from the retail leases?

Is Robbie Perkins going to be the commercial real estate broker?

Tenants of the two buildings would use 715 spaces. The other 335 would be available to the public for a fee, just like other downtown decks.

Taxpayers would have access to 32% of the parking spaces, 
while the other 68% go to Roy and Tuggle Duggins

The plan would cost the city $2.5 million a year, including repaying construction debt. The city would pay for it with parking fees and with money from the general fund."

"Money from the general fund" = Tax Increase
Item's from City Council's Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Meeting Agenda

6. Resolution Authorizing Change Order in the Amount of $330,000.00 in Contract No. 2013-031 with Breece Enterprises, Inc. for Lindsay Street Water Line Replacement

For Roy Carroll

35. Resolution to Authorize a Downtown Development Project and Parking Agreement with Downtown Slugger, LLC

It's in the consent agenda, meaning no public hearing or debate needed

Who allowed this item to be stuffed into the consent agenda?

"...To the LLC:

Downtown Slugger, LLC
Attn:  Robin Team
P.O. Box 1066 Lexington, NC  27292
Phone: 336-243-2600
Email address:

With a copy to:

Tuggle Duggins P.A.
Attn:  Nathan Duggins
P.O. Box 2888 Greensboro, NC 27401
Email address:

...WHEREAS, the LLC desires to lease 265 parking spaces in a new City parking deck to be located at 415 Bellemeade Street in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina, at the regular market rates for assigned, reserved, or general parking in City parking facilities;

WHEREAS, the City desires to provide parking to the LLC as part of the Eugene Downtown Development Project which includes construction of a new City parking deck, a new office building owned and operated by LLC, and a future retail, office, hotel, and residential building located below and above the new City parking deck;...

Roy Carroll already got the parking deck deal in May;

"...on May 2, 2017, the City Council adopted Resolution #098-17 and authorized the City Manager to enter into a Downtown Development Agreement (DDA) with CHI Greensboro, LLC to design and possibly build a public/private parking structure in the Eugene/Bellemeade area;

WHEREAS, the parking structure will contain approximately 1,050 public parking spaces in an eight (8) story building;

WHEREAS, CHI Greensboro, LLC plans to include basement parking and ground level retail space with the parking structure (Phase I) and has future plans to build an approximate 15-20 story mixed use facility on top of the parking structure (Phase II).  Upon completion of the project, the City of Greensboro will own and operate the public parking spaces in the structure.  At full build out of Phase II, the mixed use facility would require approximately 450 parking spaces which would be leased from the City at market rates;

WHEREAS, the Eugene Downtown Development Project would include Phase I and Phase II to be designed by CHI Greensboro, LLC as well as the new Downtown Slugger, LLC office building.

WHEREAS, annual operating expenses and debt service costs totaling approximately $2.5 million will be funded from operating revenues from the new deck, existing parking fund revenues, and general fund revenues.

City Council gave Roy $2 million in May to design the deck;


...WHEREAS, over the past eight months the City has been in discussion with CHI Greensboro, LLC (Developer) about the redevelopment of the Eugene/Bellemeade area and the development of a new public/private parking structure that would serve the proposed public parking demands in the area and the Developer’s parking demands for their new mixed use project; 

No mention of Roy Carroll anywhere

No mention of the agent representing CHI Greensboro, LLC is
WHEREAS, the Developer would agree to design and construct an eight (8) story parking structure that will contain approximately 1,050 public parking spaces for the City of Greensboro;  
WHEREAS, the Developer plans to include basement parking and ground level retail space with the parking structure (Phase I) and has future plans to build an approximate 15-20 story mixed use facility on top of the parking structure (Phase II);    WHEREAS, in order to take advantage of economies of scale and avoid duplication of effort and expenses, the City is currently exploring options to partner with the Developer in the design and construction of the public parking structure;   

...WHEREAS, the Developer has plans to lease up to 450 parking spaces from the City at market rates in the future and an adjacent proposed development has plans to lease up to 350 parking spaces from the City at market rates in the future;  
WHEREAS, the current estimated cost to design and construct the public components of the parking structure is approximately $30 million;  
WHEREAS, annual operating expenses and debt service costs totaling approximately $2.5 million will be funded from operating revenues from the new deck, existing parking fund revenues, and general fund revenues. 

...the City Manager is authorized to enter into a Downtown Development Agreement (DDA) with CHI Greensboro, LLC to design not to exceed $2 million and possibly build a public/private  parking structure in the Eugene/Bellemeade area."

From the minutes of the meeting;

"11. ID 17-0257 Resolution to Enter into a Downtown Development Agreement (DDA) with CHI Greensboro, LLC to Design and Build a Public/Private Parking Structure 

Mayor Vaughan thanked the speakers for their patience.

No mention of how much money Vaughan took from Roy Carroll and Tuggle Duggins

Councilmember Hightower voiced concern with the lack of M/WBE goals; and requested staff look at the criteria and requirements for Professional Service Contracts.

City Manager Westmoreland explained that staff would work with the company; and inform them of the City's M/WBE requirements.

City Attorney Carruthers referenced that this was for professional services; and confirmed that compliance with the M/WBE Program was a requirement of the agreement. 

Moved by Councilmember Outling, seconded by Councilmember Hoffmann, to adopt the resolution. 

No mention of how much money Outling and Hoffmann took from Roy Carroll

The motion carried on the following roll call vote:

Ayes, Nancy Vaughan, Yvonne J. Johnson, Mike Barber, Marikay Abuzuaiter, Jamal T. Fox, Sharon M. Hightower, Nancy Hoffmann, Justin Outling and Tony Wilkins"

Some would thing Tony Wilkins should be removed from the Republican Party, 
but isn't this really what both parties really stand for?

No mention of the campaign contributions associated with this deal

No mention as I recall of a Rhino Times story 
outlining how Roy and Tuggle Duggins pilfered the poor to line their pockets

No disclosure of who was actually getting the money
 or the benefits of taxpayer subsidization by the News and Record

This stuff doesn't just happen in a vacuum

The press dropped the ball on this give away, as usual

 How much are our property taxes going to go up to pay for Roy and Tuggle Duggins profits?

Our population is stupid because it is kept stupid by our local media

We deserve what we get, good and hard

We are paying Roy to keep up his Yacht

Roy E Carroll - Yacht - Yacht Name: Rhino - Yacht Length: 47 m (154 ft) - Guests: 10 in 5 cabins - Crew: 10 in 5 cabins - Yacht Value: US$ 15 million - Owners Name: Roy E. Carroll - Owners Net Worth: US$ 1 billion - Owners Company: Carroll Companies  - Owners Country: USA - Carroll’s yacht Rhino is named after his news paper Rhino Times

DGI, Jim Westmoreland, Nancy Vaughan, Zack Matheny, Tuggle Duggans, Roy Carroll and the Triad Good Government PAC

When in doubt, buy a newspaper and buy as many local politicians as possible, by Roy Carroll and John Hammer

It's been 55 days since the News and Record didn't report Marty Kotis getting $600,000 from Greensboro's taxpayers to design a bike path inside a consent agenda

Nancy Vaughan's Andy Zimmerman payback for all the taxpayer monies she facilitated for him

Questions for High Point's City Counsel, BB&T, Nido Quebein and Roy Carroll

Political Contributions and Duke Energy's request for a 16.7 percent rate hike [Tax Increase] on residential customers

Nancy Vaughan's 2017 Mid Year Contribution Report; Jim Melvin, Lee Comer, Paul Mengert, Henry Isaacson,and Kathy Manning

Rhino Times John Hammer shills for Justin Outling and the rest of Roy Carroll's minions on City Council

Marty Kotis re-upping his campaign bribe funded $359,883.33 gift from his City Council cronies at Tuesday's meeting

Nancy Hoffmann's Mid Year Campaign Finance Report; How much taxpayer money has she voted for...

Why would John Lomax give Nancy Hoffmann $1,000?

Roy Carroll + PAC = Greensboro City Council = $1,000 for Goldie Wells

Our local paper of record's lack of pointing out Marty Kotis is one of North Carolina's biggest HB2 supporters

"Companies scorned HB2, but donated to lawmakers who passed it"

Hartzman's prepared statement on John Hammer, Roy Carroll and the Rhino Times, from last night's City Council meeting

The Rhino's John Hammer on unfair competition from Triad City Beat

"Why are so many of us willing to accept mediocrity in our political leaders?"

The News and Record's Richard Barron on $2.3 million Greensboro taxpayer dollars for Jim Melvin, Sam Simpson, David Powell, Roy Carroll and friends

"Key downtown property owners [who have received a great deal of Greensboro taxpayer money] back DGI for contract" [for their lobbyist, Zack Matheny]

News and Record quoting Greensboro mayor Nancy Vaughan without mentioning who she works for

RH Barringer, Nido Qubein and Roy Carroll's political contributions to North Carolina Representative John Faircloth, a bigot who voted to discriminate against NC employees

Congratulations Roy Carroll, Tuggle Duggins's Mike Fox and John Hammer.

How much did the city spend to get the sewer line installed under I-40 for Roy Carroll's AMEX backup data center project?

An act of Cowardice by John Hammer for Roy Carroll: "Breaking The Government Monopoly On Inspections"

This is so wrong...It's like our City has lost it's mind...with the help of the News and Record for the lack of rational oppositition

Roy Carroll's Tony Wilkins stealth donation via the Triad Good Government PAC

Roy Carroll funneling money to Nancy Vaughan via the Triad Good Government PAC

John Hammer goes to the Infrastructure Committee meeting, doesn't report Marty Kotis getting a City property for less than the appraised value = John Hammer isn't a journalist

"In the mid–20th century, fascism actually meant something.

Heard Spice Cantina went under...along with a couple hundred thousand Greensboro taxpayer dollars

Proof how corrupt Greensboro's local press is, along with Greensboro's elected leadership

Did Zack Matheny sell Greensboro taxpayer money to run for congress?

See how the Rhino under-reports incentive deals
related to Roy Carroll's friends or Roy,
and scrutinizes deals that compete with Roy and friends?

Remember Samet's $600,000 shovel ready loan advocated by Matheny
and the correlating campaign contributions?

Remember Windsor Development's loan advocated by Matheny
and the correlating campaign contributions?

Should the chair of the City's Economic Development Committee accept campaign contributions from employees of entities receiving money from the city via city council votes advocated and voted on by Zack Matheny?

Two more examples of what the News and Record won't report, as they are knee deep in it in Greensboro

The blatant hypocracy of Susan Ladd and Warren Buffett's News and Record

Crony Journalism Personified; Roy Carroll, John Hammer and Mike Barber

Dear potential Greensboro City Council Candidates

Greensboro Partnership and Rentier Capitalist Propaganda in the News and Record

The News and Record's Allen Johnson and Susan Ladd on Trudy Wade's Roy Carroll initiative to lower minority [Democrat] influence on Greensboro's City Council

Robbie Perkins Year End Campaign Contributions